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Recruiters, HR professionals and Entrepreneurs, PAY ATTENTION!

I know what you're thinking: "Another vague, copy&paste from Wikipedia kind of guide for recruiters." Do NOT expect anything like that this time! Let me explain why...

If you want to make significant improvements in your recruitment results and become a member of top world recruiters, you will not run a risk of not following this unorthodox LinkedIn™ recruitment guide. So called social recruitment is an inevitable trend in today's recruitment business, and LinkedIn is simply the main part of it.

People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment

  • Learn to dramatically increase the efficiency of your recruitment activities
  • Learn to skyrocket the volume of reachable candidates
  • Learn to significantly cut costs of hiring of new employees

Many Shortcuts and Tricks Everybody Was Afraid to Unleash!

  • How to uncover ANY LinkedIn full profile view without upgrading to premium
  • How to override the limit of LinkedIn invitations
  • How to search through LinkedIn groups you cannot join
  • How to use search engines to scan LinkedIn for candidates
  • How to automate candidate sourcing
  • How to track the steps of your competition on LinkedIn

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Table of contents

Foreword by David E. Perry
The Target Audience
My Success Story and Why You Need This Book
01 Introduction: It’s Personal, Not Just a Business
   Personnel Agencies Annihilation
   Social Recruitment = LinkedIn®
   I Already Use LinkedIn®, So What Do You Want to Teach Me?
   Direct Search is Pretty Nasty
   Recruitment 5.0
   Focus on Your Candidates
02 Modern Headhunter: Up-to-Date Recruitment with LinkedIn®
   Contest: LinkedIn® vs. Old-Fashioned Recruitment
   Social Recruitment as a New Trend
   LinkedIn® Database is Better Than Any Internal Database
   Six Degrees of Separation
   Social Direct Search is Not Stationary, It’s a Process
   Quantity Matters but Quality More
   A Candidate’s Success Story
   Active vs. Passive Candidates
   Social Recruitment Strategy
   General Rules When Hiring Passive Talents
   Requirements for Successful Social Headhunting
03 Skills Check-Up: An Assessment of Your LinkedIn® and Recruitment Preparedness
04 Prepare Your Arsenal: How to Fine–Tune Your
   LinkedIn® Profile for Recruitment
   All-Star Profile Strength A.K.A. 100% Profile Completeness Profile Compactness
   LinkedIn® Applications are History
   LinkedIn® Profile Settings
   Move the Position of LinkedIn® Profile Sections
   LinkedIn® Marketing
05 Cultivate Your Hunting Ground: LinkedIn®
   Networking Strategy for Recruiters
   What We Want to Achieve in Recruitment
   Increase LinkedIn® Connections without Being Banned
   Connect with Your Acquaintances, Colleagues and Former Colleagues
   Recruitment Network Building    Connect with People from Your Recruitment Niche
   Connecting with the Regional Top Open Networkers
   Become a Recruiters-Free Open Networker
   Dealing with a Limited Amount of Invitations
   What if I Get Banned for Sending Too Many Invitations?
   Sending Out Requests to be Invited
   Breaking the LinkedIn® User Agreement or Not?
   So, How Should I Behave According to My Current LinkedIn® Situation?
   How to Export LinkedIn® Connections
06 Chase Down Your Targets: How to Target
   Candidates with LinkedIn®
   Basic and Advanced LinkedIn® People Search
   Seeking Professionals by Job Title
   Search Filters
   Boolean Search
   Seeking Professionals by Keyword
   Finding Synonyms and Related Terms
   Seeking Professionals by Company
   Seeking Professionals by City or Area
   Seeking Professionals Currently Looking for a Job
   How to Store Boolean Searches Using LinkedIn® Advanced Operators
   X-Ray Search
   Candidate Search Automation
07 Shoot to Kill: How to Reach Candidates with LinkedIn® Every Time
   LinkedIn® Invitation
   LinkedIn® Introduction
   LinkedIn® Message
   An E-mail Address Connected with a LinkedIn® Account
   An E-mail Address Published on a LinkedIn® Profile
   An E-mail Address Published on the Internet
   A Company E-mail Address
   Example of a Proper First Contact E-mail
   Telephone and VoIP
   How to Measure the Efficiency of Your Job Proposals
   Main Contacting Strategies
   How to Uncover Any Full Profile View without Upgrading to Premium
   The LinkedIn® Honeypot
08 Plunder at Your Own Will: Utilizing Groups and Companies for Recruitment
   Penetrating Foreign Groups
   Joining Niche Groups
   Joining Company Groups
   How to Search Through Groups You Are Not a Member of
   Creating Your Own Groups
   LinkedIn® Companies
   Apply with LinkedIn® Button
09 Toolkit of No Effect: LinkedIn® Features You Hardly Use
10 Arsenal Upgrade: Pros and Cons of LinkedIn® Paid Services
11 Where to Go for Further, Up-to-Date Information
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